We work with businesses and non-profits to solve problems and develop software. 

Each project is different, and so are the tools required.  "The right tools for the right job," the neighborhood handyman would say whenever someone happened to notice how fast he was able to complete a project, and it was true. His new lawnmower, for example, with its wide blades and complex bagging and dust management system cut the grass faster and with less mess than any of the local gardeners could offer, and he was able to help more people because of it.  
Tools are designed to provide time and cost savings, but the right tools are hard to identify. 

Researchers are used to using various tools in the course of their work, and indeed even sometimes have  to invent their own solutions when alternatives do not exist. However, some technological tools, or the labor needed to construct them, are only required intermittently, or their scope of work falls outside the scope of the research mission of the organization. These tools and services are vast but include things like creating, migrating and managing database resources, setting up intermediate data collection tools like web scraping scripts or NLP routines, customizing laboratory websites, or creating operations-management software. 

Blorp Blorp, Inc., was established in 2014, in Cambridge, MA in order to provide cloud technology and software services to industry and finance. We have grown over the years, and our services and methods have been adopted by a number of industries. We are constantly expanding, and interested in forging new partnerships along the way. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or opportunites.